Monthly Archives: August 2012

I see skies of blue…


… and clouds of white. Alright, it’s not quite as romantic as Louis Armstrong, but this photo of the top of the Commerzbank tower in Frankfurt has some of the things you need to start crooning.  

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Mini Ha Ha


My ongoing obsession with photographing cool little cars is continuing unabated. I saw this racey number right outside my house!

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Summer finally arrived!


It was starting to feel like we would never get a proper summer in Frankfurt, but then this weekend turned into a scorcher! Perfect weather for watching these guys play beach volleyball at the Osthafenfest.

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It’s all done with mirrors


Actually, it’s not a trick photo; this is how the escalators really look from the top of the MyZeil shopping centre in Frankfurt.

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A road less traveled


When you think of Austria, you probably have mountain views and skiing (and maybe even a singing Julie Andrews) in mind. I know I did. But what about countryside as flat as a pancake covered in vinyards? That’s what you’ll find in Burgenland, the part of Austria that borders Hungary. This photo was taken at […]

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