Behind the scenes with “The Voyeur”

A few weeks before Christmas I had the opportunity to work on a short film being shot in Frankfurt. It’s called “The Voyeur” and it features the very talented Lili Ullrich as the main character, and it is directed by Johann L Botha. I’m not going to give away any of the story, but here are some behind the scenes photos from the days we spent shooting. It was the weekend in Frankfurt when we had some snow, and it was bitterly cold.

Many thanks to Johann L Botha (director), Lars Heine (assistant director), Lili Ullrich (actor), Franzi Classen (make up and hair), Alex Baker (photography), Charl Bester (sound), Jennifer Harres (costume), Ulli Bellmann (producer), Freddy Ochoa (actor), and Stephan Weber (actor) for making this a lot of fun.

F a c e b o o k
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