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    On this web site, you will be able to get a sense of the photos that I have taken on behalf of friends and sometimes just for myself. I hope you enjoy looking at them! (Client's photos are generally only available to the clients themselves).

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FITS TV Tribute Show

The FITS team was back at the Interkulturelle Bühne again at the weekend, this time for a rocking TV Tribute improv show.

Make sure you don’t miss news about future shows at TLS Frankfurt.

There are more photos in the GALLERY.


Lars, der Regisseur vom Theaterstück “Geisterfahrer” mit dem Bockenheimer Theaterensemble, hat mich gebeten, Fotos von dem Theaterstück zu machen. Es ist eine Komödie und es geht um 3 Paare, die in einem Haus wohnen. Es ist echt lustig und wenn ihr es nicht schon gesehen habt, solltet ihr versuchen dahin zu gehen, wenn es im Juni wieder in der Interkulturelle Bühne in Bornheim läuft.

My good friend Lars asked me to take some photos of the “Geisterfahrer”, the play he is directing at the Interkulturelle Bühne. (The play is in German, so if you need this translation it’s probably not for you!)

Cat Love

Aw, it turns out Oscar and Lucinda do love each other after all…

The Foreigner

This Sunday is going to be the final showing of The Foreigner being performed by TLS Frankfurt at the Internationales Theater Frankfurt. In case you don’t know it, it is a hilarious comedy about a man who decides the best way to overcome his reluctance to make conversation is to pretend that he cannot speak English. If you want to find out just how funny that can be, make sure you get to see the last show!!

Here is a backstage shot taking during rehearsals. There are more photos to come…

St. Patrick’s Day Party: Part 2

Fox and the Box were back to provide the music again for another St. Patrick’s Day party. This time we were at Waxy’s for all the fun.

See some of the photos in the slideshow below, and find the rest in the GALLERY. Feel free to re-post any photos that you like!

Many thanks to Laura and Laura for organising such a great night!

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