• Hello and welcome to my web presence! My name is Kate Miller and my passion is people photography. Living in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, portraits, kids, events and theatre productions have grabbed my interest in the past, as well pets.

    As well as photography I love to cook and to travel around Europe in my old VW camper, Charlie, and I share my home with Oscar and Lucinda, my British Shorthair cats.

    On this web site, you will be able to get a sense of the photos that I have taken on behalf of friends and sometimes just for myself. I hope you enjoy looking at them! (Client's photos are generally only available to the clients themselves).

    If you have any questions about the photos on this site, or any other photos of mine that you have seen or would like to see, please use the contact form to get in touch with me. You can also just call me directly on +49 179 1141777.

And death shall have no dominion

This week I had my most difficult photo assignment so far. A friend and colleague passed away last week after a long illness, and I was asked to take photos at the funeral. It was a very emotional time for the hundreds of people who joined the ceremony to say goodbye and I feel very honoured to have been there.

It is very likely that you have also lost somebody you care about. You can help other people by going to my favourite charity Hilfe für krebskranke Kinder Frankfurt and making a donation to help kids suffering with cancer.

FITS Improv at Orange Peel

The guys at TLS Frankfurt have a new venue for their FITS Improv nights, and last week they were really rocking at Orange Peel! Check them out on the third Thursday of the month. There are more details and dates at the TLS Frankfurt web site.

Lovehearts in the snow

Oscar and the bird

I was awoken this morning to the sound of things being knocked over and the cats making hunting noises. It sounded more exciting than the usual kitty playtime, and sure enough it was. A little bird had found its way into the apartment, and was providing the entertainment. Fortunately, even though the cats have a quite well developed hunting instinct, they are completely lacking any experience in actually catching anything and the bird finally made a clean getaway, but not before I grabbed my camera for a few shots of the action.


Behind the scenes with “The Voyeur”

A few weeks before Christmas I had the opportunity to work on a short film being shot in Frankfurt. It’s called “The Voyeur” and it features the very talented Lili Ullrich as the main character, and it is directed by Johann L Botha. I’m not going to give away any of the story, but here are some behind the scenes photos from the days we spent shooting. It was the weekend in Frankfurt when we had some snow, and it was bitterly cold.

Many thanks to Johann L Botha (director), Lars Heine (assistant director), Lili Ullrich (actor), Franzi Classen (make up and hair), Alex Baker (photography), Charl Bester (sound), Jennifer Harres (costume), Ulli Bellmann (producer), Freddy Ochoa (actor), and Stephan Weber (actor) for making this a lot of fun.

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