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Vienna Calling


It was extremely cold the last time I went to Vienna, but just as beautiful as ever. However, on this trip I had the feeling that I saw more of the former grandeur of Vienna that was somehow slipping into decline. Perhaps they’re just waiting for the painter and decorator to re-open the shop in […]

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ARTwalk Bockenheim II


The ARTwalk was back in Bockenheim on Friday. It got a bit wet at the end, but there was plenty to see and do before the rain came. Here is a slideshow of some of the photos that I took, or you can see them in the GALLERY. You can see the slideshow that was […]

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Kate’s Slideshow from ARTwalk Bockenheim II

2011-04-16 0806

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ARTwalk Bockenheim


Bockenheim experienced its first ARTwalk on Friday evening. A unique blend of art, music, and café culture, the ARTwalk is sure to find a place in the hearts and calendars of all those who were there. I had a great time catching some of the action. I’m really looking forward to the next one! 1417508121 […]

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Eat, Drink, Read in Style


In the Sachsenhausen area of Frankfurt, there is a little café called Café-Bar Brücke that sells the most exquisite tarts and cakes to drink with your capuccino in a place with an eclectic style. You can stay later and get scrumalicious home-cooked meals, and they also do some delicious breakfast that I am determined to […]

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